Polaris Slingshot Akan Di-Recall

Masih ingat dengan Polaris Slingshot? Mobil 3 roda yang pernah saya posting disini beberapa waktu ternyata mengalami masalah yang baru terdeteksi. Slinghot Team akhirnya mengeluarkan surat kepada dealer untuk menghentikan penjualannya sekaligus mengimbau kepada para pembelinya untuk tidak mengendarai Slingshot ini (type SAF-15-01) hingga masalahnya terselesaikan. Lho emangnya kenapa?

Polaris Slingshot

Polaris Slingshot

Yups, menurut info yang dipajang di Forum Slingshot, di mobil ini ditemukan adanya kerusakan pada steering racknya. Ball bearing yang terdapat pada komponen ini bisa rusak dan mengakibatkan steering yang tidak tercontrol, sehingga sangat berbahaya. Selain masalah pada steering rack, juga ditemukan masalah pada “rool hoop” pada beberapa kendaraan yang tidak bisa mensupport performance dari kendaraan ini yang bisa dibilang powerful. Semua potensi kerusakan ini akan diberikan penggantian gratis yang waktu penggantiannya masih belum ditentukan.

Berikut petikan surat tersebut. 

Dear Slingshot dealer,

Safety and quality are the highest priority for Polaris, and we want to make you aware of two important safety concerns for model year 2015 Slingshot vehicles.

First, we are issuing an immediate stop sale and stop ride for all Slingshot vehicles (SAF-15-01). We have determined that some vehicles may have defective ball bearings located in the steering rack which, should they fail, will result in unexpected loss of steering control. Due to the potential safety risks, please immediately notify your Slingshot owners that they should refrain from operating their vehicle until the necessary repairs are made.

Second, but unrelated to the steering safety issue, Polaris is also voluntarily replacing the roll hoops on certain Slingshot vehicles. We were recently notified by our supplier that some hoops, which are situated behind the driver and passenger seats, may not support the Polaris performance specifications. To ensure that Slingshot continues to deliver world class quality and address this potential hazard, we will replace roll hoops on the affected vehicles.

Formal Safety Bulletins for both issues will be delivered to dealers by the end of business on Wednesday, January 21st. Service parts will be available for dealers to order starting on January 22, with the vast majority of service parts available for dealer order by the end of January.
Polaris will replace all parts and make necessary repairs at no cost to customers. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this announcement as we work together to ensure safe riding.

Thank you for your continued support.
The Slingshot Team

Wah…semoga cepat terselesaikan ya… Motor mobil keren gini sayang kalau ngga dipakai 😀

Polaris Slingshot

Polaris Slingshot


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